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Virtual Team Building Solutions

Knowledge Group has developed customizable virtual team building events for organizations interested in developing strong teams and sustainable relationships.

The practical and fun activities focus on employee wellbeing, performance improvement, and learning and development, as well as instill in teams the importance of corporate and social responsibility.


Key Benefits

Virtual team building will enable your employees to:


Link their objectives with the corporate values and goals through meaningful and engaging virtual activitiesDevelop sustainable relationships with their colleaguesBuild on their personal development and continuous learningUse unique engagement tools and learning technologies during a fun and engaging day of team building


Our bespoke activities include:


Team Storytelling
The creation of digitally sketched stories relating to work.
• Engages the team in a fun activity while working towards a common goal
• Increases understanding of the link between everyone’s work and how it contributes to the organization’s goals
Win as Much as You Can
Winning points for the greater corporate good. (Requires 3-4 teams).
• Encourages team collaboration to establish a win-win strategy
Helping teams reduce their carbon footprint.
• Engages team members in identifying their carbon footprint
• Brainstorming ideas on how to reduce it
The use of the brainwriting technique to stimulate innovative ideas to solve specific problems.
• Helps individuals practice innovation techniques to develop innovative ideas to solve critical problems
Identify your network and power reach.
• Development of actions to build sustainable relationships inside and outside the organization.
• Helps teams identify their network and power reach
Build relationships within the team using the Speed Match concept.
• Helps team members get to know each other, build their relationships, and understand how they can co-operate and collaborate to achieve mutual goals
Affinity Clustering
A design thinking methodology to generate ideas to solve a problem or challenge.
• Helps team members generate and cluster ideas to find solutions to challenges using a simple design thinking technique.
Personality Revelation
An exploration of personality and revealing one’s true self
• Helps team members get to know each other better.
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